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Meet Aman Arora


From the earliest days of my youth, I found myself captivated by the world of sports and martial arts, a fascination that would fuel a lifelong journey of exploration. It all began with Karate at the tender age of 6, followed closely by my immersion in Judo, and a diverse array of sports including track and field, basketball, football, and cricket. During those formative years, I discovered that my introverted nature led me to delve deep into the realms of self-discovery and personal growth, an endeavor that would shape my trajectory in remarkable ways.


Guided by an unwavering thirst for knowledge and self-improvement, I eagerly sought mentors who could illuminate my path. Among these luminaries, the teachings of Ido Portal resonated profoundly, setting the course for a five-year odyssey of growth under his methodology. However, as time marched on, a transformational shift occurred within me. Transitioning from a seeker to a mentor, I found inspiration in my own experiences and embarked on a mission to guide others. Today, as I weave the art of Yoga into my journey, I'm committed to sculpting mentorship programs and online courses, sharing the wealth of wisdom I've gained. The adventure continues, fueled by curiosity, movement, and the ever-present call of self-discovery.

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